We warmly welcome you to the vibrant and dynamic community of faith that is St. Andrew’s.  We hope that you will share in our great tradition of joyful worship, sacred hospitality and committed service to the Greensboro community. All are welcome in this community of discipleship, diversity and formation, where young and old, newcomers and long-time parishioners are on the journey of faith together.

Anyone who has received the sacrament of Holy Baptism is a member of the universal Church. Our participation in the wider body of Christ is our first commitment, and we welcome all to be regular participants in the worship, fellowship and life of St. Andrew’s.

If you wish to become a formal member of St. Andrew’s, the Canons (rules) of the Episcopal Church provide several ways to do this. Indeed, we hope you will consider doing so, because the more one integrates his or her whole life into a community of Christian discipleship, the more he or she will experience the breadth of our faith tradition.

There are three ways to become a member of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church:

1. You may be baptized here.

2. If you were baptized at or you hold your membership at another Episcopal Church you can simply contact our church office and ask to transfer your “letter of membership” to St. Andrew’s. We will take it from there: we will contact your church of origin and transfer your membership here. You can email Kimberly Howard at parish@standrewsgso or call 336-275-1651×1,

3. If you were baptized in another Christian tradition (Methodist, Presbyterian, Roman Catholic, etc…) then you must be received or confirmed by a bishop.  Our bishop visits St. Andrew’s annually though the date changes from year to year. To prepare for confirmation or reception we offer a class on the sacramental tradition of the Episcopal Church prior to the bishop’s visit. You may contact the Rev. Bernard J. Owens for more information.

We will share details on the next bishop’s visit and confirmation class when they become available.  This class will be open to anyone in the church: those who wish to be confirmed, those who aren’t sure but are curious about the Episcopal Church, and even lifelong Episcopalians who are looking for a refresher course in what it actually means to be an Episcopalian.

If you are interested in knowing more about membership at St. Andrew’s, please don’t hesitate to contact your clergy (BJ Owens). We love to field questions about the Episcopal Church!

We hope that membership in the Episcopal Church will lead you to a deeper experience of God, a more vivid life of faith and the joy of Christian fellowship.

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