Spotlight on the Interactive Resource Center (IRC)

IRC-LogoSpotlight on Greensboro’s Interactive Resource Center (the IRC)

The Interactive Resource Center assists people who are homeless, recently homeless or facing homelessness reconnect with their own lives and with the community at large.

The people at the IRC understand that “homeless is not helpless, and that with a combination of basic services and individualized attention those experiencing homelessness, those facing homelessness and those just coming out of homelessness can renew their connections with the community and ultimately restart their lives.”

“2015 marks the 6th year that the IRC has become a busy and vibrant source of help and hope for the Greensboro community. Each day, between 180 and 200 people pull open the doors to the IRC, and step in.  Our guest come for many reasons… to be helped by one of our volunteers creating a resume in our computer lab, to speak with our housing coordinator,  meet with a case managers, to see the nurse, to get a hair cut, or perhaps to take a shower and do a load of laundry.  Beyond these services, what our guests find within these doors is a sense of community, a vibrant network of individuals, ideas, and lives. “ (from the IRC website)

To learn more, visit the IRC’s website at

You may also ask Cathy Jordan and Glenn Perkins, members of St. Andrews Mission Team who are getting to know the IRC better this year so that St. Andrews may participate more in IRC’s life and mission

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