When We Give, We Grow

Click here if you need to download this year’s pledge card.

The goal of our stewardship ministry is to help God’s people grow in their relationship with Jesus through the use of the time, talents, and finances God has entrusted to them.

As the Stewardship Committee sees its preparations becoming reality, we can say that this campaign is NOT about raising funds to carry St. Andrew’s through 2017. Oh, really? Really! This campaign is about the givers.

Our Lord has called each of us to be a disciple. We, that is, the Stewardship Committee, have come to see that our mission is to support discipleship, that generosity is essential to discipleship, and that giving is the way to open a generous heart.

Annual Campaign time intentionally reminds us that what we do with our finances is key to our relationship with Jesus. “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” (Matthew 6:21) As disciples, we want our hearts to be with Jesus. That desire is our inspiration to generous giving.

Some particulars: Pledge materials will be available for pick up on Sunday, September 11, and those not picked up will be mailed on Monday. The Annual Campaign will be short; all pledges should be returned by October 2.

The members of the Stewardship Committee are grateful for our encounter with “Ask, Thank, Tell”, by Charles R. Lane. Our study of this little book has led us to focus the Annual Campaign on the giver, on discipleship, and on the spirituality of giving.

The 2016 Stewardship Team: Virginia Haskett, Craig Taylor, George Platt, Dottie Clark, David Huskins & BJ Owens

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