Pastoral Care

Pastoral care at St. Andrew’s is an expression of God’s love and presence in the midst of life’s struggles. We offer support, compassion, and connection in a variety of ways.

Parish Prayer List

The parish prayer list is in our bulletin every week so that the whole church community can join in lifting up those in special need. The parish prayer list includes those who are sick and struggling, serving in the military, pregnant, or celebrating a birthday or an anniversary. Please send prayer requests to the Parish Office. Names remain on our parish prayer list for 6 weeks; if you would like a name to be on the list for longer, please let the parish administrator know. Please also tell them if you know of a birthday or anniversary that was missed in the bulletin!


The CareNet is a group of approximately 30 volunteers from all walks of life providing specific assistance for members experiencing health-related or transitional emergencies or ongoing crisis situations. Recipients of CareNet services have found it very helpful to have been provided with an immediate response to their circumstances in a variety of tangible ways, such as meals; transportation to appointments; small funeral receptions; or the delivery of books, magazines, flowers, or other supplies.

Hospital Visitation

Reverend Ginny, Deacon Pam, and Pastoral Associate Debbie Dowd are all available for hospital and nursing home visitation, including the delivery of consecrated bread and wine. Please reach out to the Parish Office with requests.