Members of the Vestry


The Vestry is an important group of church leaders who work together with the clergy to make decisions for the good of the church. Each member is on the Vestry for three years, during which time they will participate in the governing and support of the church. Our current Vestry is led by the Rector; the Senior Warden, Shelley Kappauf; and the Co-Junior Wardens, Nick Klett and Dirk Siegmund. The other members include: Mark Courtright, Kathryn Crowe, Lisa Garrett, Barbara Lawless, AmyRuth McGraw, David Messelink, Betty Self,* Jonathan Stephens, Joe Stultz, and Craig Taylor. Our Treasurer is Chris Berger*, and Susan Brannan* is the Clerk. Minutes of the Vestry meetings are on file at the church.

* not pictured