Serve in Parish Life

St. Andrew’s is a dynamic and diverse congregation, and has plenty of ways to get involved to support its thriving ministries.  St. Andrew’s is supported by the work of committees or ministry teams, most of which are comprised of parishioners who serve for rotations of 3 years.

The Vestry is the elected lay leadership of the parish, and is responsible for the facilities, finances, and in cooperation with the Rector, for fulfilling the long-term vision of the parish.

The Buildings and Grounds Committee assists the Vestry in the maintenance and upkeep of our facilities. This committee is overseen by the Jr. Warden.

The Children’s Support Team works to provide engaging and meaningful programs for children and their families.

The Youth Support Team works with the Youth Program Coordinator to build and sustain our youth community.

The Financial Development and Stewardship Committee  is responsible for stewardship, fundraising, and long-term financial visioning for St. Andrew’s.

The Mission Team coordinates the various local and national service ministries at St. Andrew’s.  The Outreach Committee assists in this and facilitates financial support to local agencies.

The Worship and Christian Formation Team offers support for special services, seasonal events and special music offerings and coordinates the Christian Education offerings for the parish, particularly focusing on the Sunday morning adult education classes.

Other committees meet seasonally, such as the Endowment Committee that oversees the St. Andrew’s endowment, and the Urn Garden Committee that tends to the upkeep of the memorial garden.

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