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Tavern Keeper #5Our Ingathering Season ends this Sunday, November 9th. Don’t forget to make a pledge and/or put a leaf on the tree!

Thanks to Charles Kappauf for speaking eloquently about how we fund and support the vital ministries of St. Andrew’s. Here’s what he said in church:

“On Halloween I dressed up at work as a colonial tavern keeper.  If you look at the tavern sign in the photo, you will see that I am Charles, the keeper of the tavern ‘At the sign of the Cap Off.'” (editor’s note: don’t miss the pun here:’cap off’…Kappauf…nicely done, Charles.)

“In colonial days, taverns serves several purposes.  Folks ate there, they held meetings there (especially before the Revolutionary War), and occasionally they worshiped there.

Similar to St. Andrews, right?  Many groups meet here, we eat her (the Pot Luck was awesome), and we worship here.

Colonial taverns sustained themselves by charging for food and drink.  St. Andrews sustains itself with the collective generosity of its members, through pledges of time, talent and treasures.  The FSDC wanted a way to visualize our progress to our goal.  Years ago, I remember churches doing this with a large chart thermometer that would be filled in with red as contributions were made. But what happens if one member makes one large contribution? The thermometer is full, but this does not represent a healthy congregation.  We thought of the idea of a tree covered with leaves.  So after you have made your pledge of time, talent or treasure, please stick your leaf on the tree. We want the tree covered with leaves: a full-leafed tree is a healthy tree.  And this healthy tree is a great visual to represent our healthy community of St. Andrews. Thank you.”

Ingathering Tree  2nd sunday

The Ingathering Tree is filling up! Each leaf represents a commitment to financially support the ministry of St. Andrew’s in the coming year. Whether you make a formal Pledge or not, please be sure to place a leaf on the tree if you plan to support St. Andrew’s at any level in 2015.

Ingathering Season wraps up Sunday, Nov. 9th.If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact BJ Owens or George Platt.

Thanks to all for your generosity!


We warmly welcome you to the vibrant and dynamic community of faith that is St. Andrew’s.  We hope that you will share in our great tradition of joyful worship, sacred hospitality and committed service to the Greensboro community. All are welcome in this community of discipleship, diversity and formation, where young and old, newcomers and long-time parishioners are on the journey of faith together.

Feedback and Suggestions

We value the opinions of our parishioners and our guests. If you have feedback or suggestions about our programs, our Web site or any other aspect of St. Andrew’s, we want to hear from you! Please contact the parish office at 336-275-1651 or at: parish@standrewsgso.org.

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